How do you look on Paper?

Let us improve your Image!


image (im'ij) n - 1. the concept of a person, product, institution, etc. held by the general public, often one deliberately created or modified by publicity or advertising. 2. to describe graphically.

group (groop) n - 1. a number of persons or things classified together because of common characteristics and interests. 2. a collection of objects forming a design as in a work of art.

ink (ink) n - 1. colored paste used for printing; printer's ink. 2. to draw, mark, or color with ink. 3. to sign one's name to.


Image Group Ink has been putting new ideas in motion since the company started in 1992.  We have pursued innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm and at the same time maintained a reputation for maturity, integrity, stability, and unquestionable quality of product and service.

Image Group Ink is headquartered in South Carolina, USA. Our customers include small businesses, individuals, non-profit businesses, and large conglomerates. We work with a full range of professions, enterprises, and industries as they seek to maximize their printed image. Many of our clients are local firms in our home state of South Carolina. As proud as we are of our local associations, we also service over 200 nationwide offices of the Boy Scouts of America. We have provided printing services to the Boy Scouts of America for the past six years and have in the last 3 years become an official licensee of the BSA.

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customer and excellence of our product. Our small town approach to business coupled with a nationwide experience helping our customers develop the best "printed image" has made Image Group Ink the best of both worlds. I invite you to share our relationship with others outside the Scouting arena.

Rob Miller